Rich Willey Sound Clips

Rich Willey Sound Clips: The Rich Willey Quintet — Gone With The Piggies

The Rich Willey Quintet — Gone With The Piggies

Here is the CD The Rich Willey Quintet — Gone With The Piggies  from CAP Records, 2001.

1. Gone With The Wind  (Wrubel/Magidson)
2. I Know, Y’Know  (Rich Willey)
3. My Melancholy Baby  (Burnet/Norton/Bregman)
4. Laird Baird  (Charlie Parker)
5. Little Treasures  (Rich Willey)
6. Sonny Boy  (Jolson/DeSylva/Henderson/Brown)
7. Squeetz  (Rich Willey)
8. Eclypso  (Tommy Flanagan)
9. Eyes All For You  (Rich Willey)
10. Elora  (J.J. Johnson)
11. Piggies  (George Harrison)

All selections arranged by Rich Willey except Sonny Boy, which was adapted by Rich Willey for two horns from the Chet Baker/Art Pepper three-horn arrangement, arranger unknown. All other arrangements Ⓒ Rich Willey, BMI, 2001. Cover art by John Wise.

Rich Willey, trumpet & bass trumpet
Kenny Shanker, alto & tenor saxophone
Ayako Shirasaki, piano
Scott Fragala, bass
Tim Collins, drums

Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2001 Consolidated Artists Productions, Inc.
290 Riverside Drive
Suite 11-D
New York, NY 10025


Bobby Floyd, Byron “Wookie” Landham, Dave Stryker, Wally Minko, Rich Willey, Mike Boone, Dan Fornero, John Swana, Tom Evans and David Mann.