Add Brass Tracks to Your Recording
Rich Willey offers virtual horn track recording services by creating quality brass tracks for composers and producers of music and commercial media sound tracks (TV, film, video games & library). Rich composes, arranges, and does trumpet recording (that includes trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, bass trumpet or tuba) using a Royer R-122 ribbon mic, a Neumann TLM 193 large-diaphragm condenser mic as well as an Electro Voice RE20 dynamic cardioid mic for 100% guaranteed .wav files that lay right into your project.


“Rich Willey plays beautiful jazz and I’ve always enjoyed playing with him. On a recent recording project, I wanted Rich to play the introduction for a tune and it was so perfect, I told the engineer to kill my vibraphone track and let Rich just blow over the whole thing. Sweet notes, melodic, swings hard . . . that’s Rich Willey!” — PAUL BABELAY (drummer, vibraphonist)