Windplayer Volume 10 Number 5

Windplayer Volume 10 Number 5

Press, Quotes & Endorsements

“A devoted bebopper with a decidedly lyrical style.” WINDPLAYER  Magazine on Rich Willey

“Rich Willey has assembled a terrific group of musicians to perform a well chosen as well as brilliantly performed repertoire of standards and original music. Rich displays originality, humor and a broad expanse of emotional depth in his writing and playing. Rich Willey is a young and inspired trumpeter/composer who is headed for high recognition in a world that is hungry for such ambition.”
— AL TRAINER, CAP records

“Rich Willey is an inspiration. His lines bubble with bebop and his sound is smooth to the touch. Rich had me popping my fingers & begging for more!” — BYRON STRIPLING

“Rich Willey studied Jazz Composition with me and I feel I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. I really enjoyed the charts he did for his Gone With The Piggies  CD, his original Eyes All For You, based on the changes to Body and Soul  and done as a waltz, Gone With the Wind  and even Melancholy Baby!  I think you will enjoy this CD. Rich’s trumpet playing and his use of bass trumpet is especially refreshing. A no-nonsense player.”
— MICHAEL ABENE, NY, faculty member at Manhattan School of Music

“Rich Willey is a wonderful instrumentalist and jazz composer. Anything he puts on paper I trust 100%.” — CLAUDIO RODITI, Trumpeter, South Orange, NJ

“Rich’s arrangements are thoughtful and swinging. His bass trumpet sound and style really knocks me out.” — TED ROSENTHAL

“I absolutely endorse Rich and recommend him highly. He’s a consummate gentleman, a great player, an excellent instructor and has a wonderful sense of humor. I feel quite privileged to be able to know him and call him a friend.”

“Rich Willey is a damn fine musician…an excellent trumpet player with great chops, great ideas, excellent reading skills and amazing dexterity on both trumpet and bass trumpet. His singing is not too shabby either. He’s everybody’s pal!” — RUSS WILSON  (bandleader, drummer, vocalist)

“Rich Willey plays beautiful jazz and I’ve always enjoyed playing with him. On a recent recording project, I wanted Rich to play the introduction for a tune and it was so perfect, I told the engineer to kill my vibraphone track and let Rich just blow over the whole thing. Sweet notes, melodic, swings hard . . . that’s Rich Willey!” — PAUL BABELAY  (drummer, vibraphonist)

“Rich really sets the tone, so to speak, for any situation where he’s involved. He brings a level of musicianship and attitude to the bandstand that is inspiring for the audience and the other musicians in the band. We are truly fortunate that Rich calls Asheville home.” — MIKE HOLSTEIN  (bassist)

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Windplayer Volume 10 Number 5

Windplayer Volume 10 Number 5