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Now available!

Composer Rich Willey, in an effort to get some of his tunes recorded as well as possible, assembled this amazing group of musicians at Manifold Recording Studio in Pittsboro, NC, from April 6–8 of 2019. With the remarkable arranging and producing talents of The Amazing Wally Minko and the astute guidance and keen ears of executive producer Dan Fornero, the results are simply outstanding.

Rich Willey’s not-so-secret Conspiracy is to get back to the original essence of jazz. Jazz began as dance music, fun and enjoyable to listen to and accessible to pretty much everybody. Rich thinks there are plenty of people who will embrace the infectious rhythms, the strong melodies, the consonant harmonies and the light-heartedness of his Boptism Funk Band. It’s such a diabolical Conspiracy that there are also many levels of musical satisfaction in this music: for the dancer, for the die-hard jazz listener, and even for those who think they don’t like jazz!