Not So Fast! ♫ written & arranged for funk band by Rich Willey


How does an easy-to-play and easy-to-improvise-over tune that’s catchy and very hip grab you? This tune is so cool that all the heads in the audience will be bobbing and all the toes will be tapping.

People will be dancing with abandon in the aisles and on the tables, and you’ll get all the credit for being savvy enough to be the one playing this delightful little ditty with your funk or reggae band.


Not So Fast!  ♫ written and arranged for funk band by Rich Willey.

Here’s a tune that’s fun to play either as a funk tune or a reggae (as recorded, below). Fairly easy chord changes, a not-too-difficult soli section and a pretty simple melody line that gives your band a chance to sound good without working too terribly hard in the process.

120 written measures, ♩ = 148, with an intermediate level of ability required to pull this one off. Comes as a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

Written solos for any of our charts may be special ordered at a reasonable cost. Email us through our contact page with any and all inquiries.

Listen to Rich performing this tune from his digital studio: