Ed Zachary Meets Gregory Peccary ♫ written and arranged for funk band by Rich Willey


Somewhere between the old joke about a fabled disease and the title of a song by Frank Zappa, Ed Zachary Meets Gregory Peccary  combines a solid musical challenge with some good old-fashioned humor.


Here’s a fun little funk chart with a humorous title inspired in part by an old joke plus a whimsical title by Frank Zappa.

The A section has fairly easy chord changes for improvisation but you need to pay attention where you’re going when you get to the bridge.

Soli section in the middle breaks things up and is moderately challenging to play.

69 written measures, ♩ = 160, relatively easy tempo and not-too-terribly challenging chord changes make the difficulty level on this somewhere between intermediate and advanced.

Comes as a PDF that you’ll be able to download immediately upon submission of your order.

Listen to Rich play this tune in his digital studio:

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