Rich Willey’s Boptism Big Band – Down & Dirty CD


Hear the best musicians in Los Angeles (and that means the best musicians in the world) play arrangements by the best big band arrangers in the business.

Michael Abene, Gordon Goodwin, Wally Minko, Chris Walden plus original tunes by Rich Willey adds up to an exceptionally enjoyable listening experience.

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Rich has finally had several of his original tunes expertly scored for 18-piece big band by arrangers Michael Abene, Gordon Goodwin, Wally Minko and Chris Walden. Producer Dan Fornero assembled an all-star big band and Rich had twelve magnificent arrangements recorded by award-winning engineer Tommy Vicari at Conway Studio in Hollywood, CA. The material covers a wide landscape of musical territory: you’ll hear jazz, funk, Latin, baroque, reggae all the way to rock with masterful solos by some of the best musicians in Los Angeles (which translates to some of the best musicians in the world). This 77-minute CD takes you on a versatile and fascinating tour around the musical world. When you come in for a landing afterward you’ll agree that it was a journey well worth your while.

Rich Willey (trumpet, flugelhorn & bass trumpet)
Saxophones: Dan Higgins, Brian Scanlon, Bob Sheppard, Jeff Driskill/Sal Lozano, Jay Mason
Trumpets: Wayne Bergeron, Dan Fornero, Rob Schaer/Mike Rocha, Tony Bonsera
Trombones: Alex Iles, Andy Martin, Steve Holtman, Bill Reichenbach
Rhythm Section: Wally Minko (keyboards), Andrew Synowiec (guitars), Edwin Livingston (bass),
Peter Erskine (drums), Joey De Leon (percussion)
Very special guest Thomas Hooten on piccolo trumpet (Down & Dirty)

1. Boogie Beast (arr. by Gordon Goodwin) 6:29
2. Down & Dirty (arr. by Wally Minko) 7:01
3. Walter The Ferret (arr. by Gordon Goodwin) 6:10
4. Eyes All For You (arr. by Chris Walden) 6:13
5. Dancing Hippo (arr. by Gordon Goodwin) 6:18
6. Ed Zachary Meets Gregory Peccary (arr. by Gordon Goodwin) 5:46
7. How ‘Bout That? (arr. by Wally Minko) 6:50
8. Old Folks (by Willard Robison & Dedette Lee Hill, arr. by Michael Abene) 7:10
9. Little Treasures (arr. by Wally Minko) 6:05
10. Not So Fast! (arr. by Gordon Goodwin) 7:23
11. Funk Heap (arr. Wally Minko) 6:19
12. But For The Grace Of God (arr. by Michael Abene) 6:03

All tunes (except Old Folks) written by Rich Willey Ⓒ & Ⓟ 2018 Boptism Music Company, BMI

Hear the first two minutes of eleven of these charts under Arrangements.

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